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Cottages are typically small houses and originated in England. Though recently cottages have become increasingly popular in the United States. Now as opposed to building big homes with many bedrooms more people are building smaller houses like cottages to save on money, and cottages have a very efficient use of space. Modern cottages, cottages that are designed in a more modern fashion, are becoming “the house to build”, and are perfect for small families living in rural or semi-rural areas.

What is a Cottage?
A cottage is typically a smaller version of a house, but with a few distinct characteristics. A cottage is usually found in rural or semi-rural areas, but have recently begun to become popular in urban areas as well. The old definition of a cottage classified a cottage as being a home with upper story bedrooms that fit within the roof space of the house, and a ground floor. However, recently cottages have become modernized and are simply modest smaller versions of modern homes. Though there are many cottages that embody the traditional design of an English cottage that can be built or bought.

Building or Buying a Cottage
If you are one that is desiring to build or buy a cottage you may be wondering where to start. There are many websites and companies that have cottages listed for sale, but be sure to pick the cottage that is right for you. Just as there are methods of purchasing cottages it is also becoming increasingly popular to build a cottage from scratch. Numerous companies offer competitive pricing in order to build a cottage that is just right for you! If you are considering buying or building a cottage just remember that it is easier than ever to do so, and there are many ways in which you can accomplish getting your dream cottage!