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Green Terra Homes provides unsurpassed options and industry standards on all of their prefabricated homes. We offer our clients of choosing a design in our kit or a customizable home. We are able to offer ideas through our existing plans or build based on the clients specifications though your own drawings. We have do it yourself framing kits that are ready to go, if you are feeling adventurous to a completed custom home delivery. The choices are endless.

Our modular homes are built to exceed CSA A277 industry standard. We include the option of a live roof, peaked roof or a mono slopped roof. The unique building option of the modular home is that they unit are able to be stacked to optimize living space and earmark unlimited potential.

The Park model home is built to surpass CSA Z241 industry standards. With the very same options as the modular home. This kit includes 50 amp electricity, propane heat to keep you nice and toasty, stove as well as water heater. You will feel like you never left your old home. All of the comforts will be accessible at your finger tips.

Like the previous two choices in housing, our Mobile Home's are built to exceed the industry standards of CSA Z240MH. Width of your new home range from 10-16 feet and lengths from 40-76 feet long. The options listed are congruent with the former listings with the exception of including: 100 amp power and ability to house between one and five bedrooms. If you are needing this to be housing for a more industrious site, we can accommodate eight bedroom bunks.

If the consumer is looking for a more do it yourself home, our Steel Frame Home Kits are just right for you. We offer a complete do it yourself Steel Frame kit. This includes roof trusses and rafters as needed. These kits are ready for shipment to your new onsite home foundation. This is also offered with a vast array of floor plans or to your custom design. Learn more about cottage come visit us at our site.